SS GG Smacker english willow cricket bat

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Introducing our Super Select English Willow Grade 2 cricket bat, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of modern cricket, particularly in short formats like T20. Here’s a detailed breakdown of its exceptional features:

  1. Super Select English Willow Grade 2: Our cricket bat is constructed from premium Super Select English Willow Grade 2, ensuring excellent performance and durability on the cricket field.
  2. Overall Big Profile with Spine Starting from Middle till Lower: The bat features an overall big profile with a spine that extends from the middle to the lower portion of the blade. This design maximizes the bat’s power potential, allowing for explosive hitting and long-distance shots.
  3. Counter Balance Handle: Equipped with a counter-balance handle, our bat offers superior balance and control during gameplay. This handle design enhances the bat’s swing speed and maneuverability, enabling players to play shots with precision and power.
  4. Very Thick Edges and Very Light Pickup: Our bat boasts very thick edges, ensuring maximum power transfer and a larger sweet spot for enhanced performance. Despite its thick edges, the bat maintains a very light pickup, allowing for effortless bat speed and quick reactions at the crease.
  5. Specially Designed for Hard-Hitting Purpose and Short Formats like T20 Cricket: Designed for hard-hitting purposes, our bat is specifically tailored for short formats like T20 cricket. Its explosive power and unique design make it the perfect weapon for aggressive batting in fast-paced cricket matches.
  6. Maximum Playing Area and Special Designed Shoulders: The bat offers maximum playing area, ensuring that players can make contact with the ball across the entire blade. Additionally, the specially designed shoulders enhance the bat’s stability and balance, providing consistent performance and control.
  7. Unique and Different Shape: Our bat features a unique and different shape compared to other SS bats, making it stand out on the cricket field. This distinctive shape not only adds style but also contributes to the bat’s exceptional performance and playability.

In summary, our Super Select English Willow Grade 2 cricket bat is the ultimate choice for players seeking a high-performance bat that excels in hard-hitting scenarios and short-format cricket. With its unique design, superior balance, and explosive power, it’s the perfect option to meet all specifications in one bat.


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