ss elite cricket helmet, large Blue color

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Introducing our cutting-edge helmet, meticulously engineered with a focus on lightweight design, superior impact protection, and optimal comfort. Here’s a detailed breakdown of its exceptional features:

  1. Lightweight Polypropylene Construction: Our helmet is crafted using lightweight polypropylene, ensuring a comfortable and easy-to-wear design. This lightweight construction not only provides agility but also reduces strain on the wearer’s head and neck, allowing for extended use without discomfort.
  2. High Density Cross-Linked PU Foam Molded Lining: The interior of our helmet is lined with high-density crossed-linked polyurethane (PU) foam. This advanced lining molds to the contours of the head, offering superior impact absorption and cushioning. It effectively disperses and dissipates shocks, enhancing overall safety during activities.
  3. Molded Ear Pads: Our helmet is equipped with specially molded ear pads. These pads serve a dual purpose—providing a secure and comfortable fit while offering additional protection to the ears. The molded design ensures a snug and ergonomic fit for optimal performance.
  4. Powder-Coated Steel Face Guard: To fortify facial protection, our helmet features a robust powder-coated steel face guard. This durable and sturdy guard acts as a shield, providing reliable protection against impacts. The powder coating enhances resilience, ensuring the face guard withstands rigorous conditions.

With our state-of-the-art helmet, you can be confident that you’re equipped with a high-performance gear designed for lightweight comfort, exceptional impact protection, and reliability in various situations.

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