Shrey Air 2.0 Titanium

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Introducing the latest innovation in helmet technology – our cutting-edge helmet, meticulously engineered to be the lightest on the market while meeting the latest British Safety Standards. Here’s a detailed overview of its remarkable features:

  1. Lightweight Design: Our helmet sets the standard for lightweight performance, weighing approximately 740gms. This exceptional lightness ensures maximum comfort and ease of wear without compromising on safety.
  2. High-Grade Xenoy Composite Shell: Crafted from high-grade Xenoy composite, our helmet boasts a robust shell that provides unparalleled strength and durability. This top-of-the-line material ensures superior protection against impacts and meets the highest safety standards.
  3. A+ American EPS Liner: Our helmet features an A+ American EPS liner, renowned for its increased safety and shock absorption capabilities. This advanced liner material enhances overall protection, minimizing the impact’s effect on the wearer’s head for maximum safety.
  4. Top-Grade Lightweight Titanium with Natural Finish: The helmet is equipped with top-grade lightweight titanium components featuring a natural finish. Not only does this enhance visibility, but it also ensures utmost strength, providing added confidence and durability during use.
  5. Advanced Air Flow System: Our helmet incorporates an advanced air flow system, designed to keep the wearer cool and comfortable during intense activities. This innovative system promotes optimal airflow, preventing overheating and ensuring maximum breathability.
  6. Permanently Attached AIR and SHREY Embossed Side Plates: The helmet features new permanently attached side plates with embossed AIR and SHREY logos, adding a touch of style while maintaining durability and functionality.
  7. Improved Rear Retention System: Our helmet is equipped with an improved rear retention system featuring cushion pads for enhanced fit and comfort. This system ensures a secure and snug fit, providing added stability during wear.
  8. New Improved Fixed Grille: The helmet boasts a new improved fixed grille with increased facial and side protection. This advanced grille design enhances safety, offering superior protection against impacts and potential injuries.
  9. Removable and Washable Swoppa Band: For added convenience and hygiene, our helmet features a removable and washable swoppa band. This ensures freshness and comfort with every use, maintaining optimal hygiene standards.
  10. Extended Rear Design: Our helmet is extended at the back for increased safety, providing additional coverage and protection for the wearer’s head.

With our state-of-the-art helmet, you can trust that you’re equipped with the latest technology and highest-quality materials to ensure unparalleled safety, comfort, and performance in any situation.


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